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2 Benefits Of 3D Product Configurators For e-Commerce?

It Shortens the Sales Cycle

The sale cycle represents the timeline of when your customer first learned about the product to the moment they converted into paying customers. There are multiple stages of the sales funnel because customers usually don’t buy anything at first sight.

However, if you employ 3D product configurators from on your e-commerce website, they’ll know more about the product and your service only by playing around with different options. Hence, you won’t have to push informative videos and emails or employ other marketing techniques to turn cold leads into hot prospects.

The better you inform your customers about the product, the quicker they’ll end up buying it. With product configurators, they can learn everything about the product in under 10 minutes.

Product Configurators Decrease Return Rates

We’ve touched on this benefit multiple times throughout the article, but it still deserves a separate place. Because online shopping is so limited in terms of product accessibility and visualization, product returns have become the norm.

For some companies, that is okay because returned products can be reused and sold again, either as B-stock or as normal products. However, what if your business sells items like makeup or anything else that has to be discarded upon opening? You still have to offer a good return policy because it’s ethical and improves customer loyalty.

But, you’re losing crazy amounts of money on having to discard or repurpose the said items. Well, product configurators completely solve that problem – assuming that you’re using a high-quality configurator.

With 3D configurators, your customers can introduce the product more accurately, and they have the option to receive exactly what they asked for. While this won’t completely eliminate returns, it will definitely significantly decrease them.