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A Theft Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

When people think of a theft attorney or any other lawyer involved in criminal defense, they immediately think that the job is about turning criminals away. While attempting to avoid a conviction is certainly a part of the task, it is far from the absolute measure of a career. In most cases, a defense attorney is primarily concerned with protecting the rights of his or her client.

While raising a defense may be a part of that, it is only an extension of the protection of rights. If you have been accused of theft or fraud, hiring a lawyer is the best course of action for you. Let us know some special things about these crimes.


A theft attorney will often cover many different types of cases. When most people hear the term, they think of promoting cars or shoplifting, but the field is much broader than that. Cases include burglary, bank fraud, and even bad check writing.

Another recent addition to the field is the crime of stealing one's identity. With the advent of hacking, identity thieves have carved out a profitable niche in the criminal underworld. Embezzlement and forgery are two other common types of cases. An attorney in the field may cover some or all of these cases. If you have been charged with this type of crime, you may want to consult one.

Finding a good lawyer

To hire a good theft lawyer, you need to know what to look for. Obviously, one of the main things you want is a history of a successful defense. It certainly can be difficult to find, as prosecutors usually don't try cases they don't think they can win. You want someone to experience your particular type of guilt. Don't hire an attorney who handles most auto thieves if you bust a counterfeit check. The more relevant experience they have, the better your position will be.