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Best Blinds For Winter in Melbourne

Winter in Melbourne can be very harsh and cold, and with that comes the extensive efforts of keeping your home warm. Doing so results in inflated energy bills associated with heating, assuming you can afford them. If you can’t or don’t want to use the additional energy, then it is blankets and layered clothing all the way. Or is it? There is another option, and that is roller blinds, particularly the honeycomb or hexagonal variety.

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Honeycomb or hexagonal blinds are made up of concertinaed fabric that makes a hexagon shape, or that of a honeycomb from a beehive. These types of blinds are more costly, starting at about $300 per window due to the increased requirements during their manufacture. Although this might seem steep, consider that you will recoup these costs from money saved on the power bill.

These blinds feature both upward and downward opening mechanisms, so you can open the blinds at the top to gain light and retain privacy, or open from the bottom if you wish to have them open all the way. They can also come in a variety of colours from white to beige, brown, navy, grey and black, meaning you can tie them in with existing décor or paint colours.

The benefits of having these are beyond those of other blind types. These include the significant increase in insulation due to the honeycomb or hexagonal design. Additionally, there is the style they bring with their unique design, making any room look more sophisticated. With the increased sophistication will come an increase in property value as well.

As discussed, honeycomb blinds are a perfect option for making it through winters in Melbourne. This is due to their ability to increase heat and lower power bills. They have multiple benefits including style and increase property value. However, they are expensive.