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Choosing A Freshwater Aquarium Filter

No matter what type of aquarium or fish you have, a freshwater aquarium filter is a must. Fish, like other living things, produce waste in the form of feces and gas, and because the reservoir is a finite environment, this waste accumulates. This will eventually kill your fish if not removed.

An aquarium filter is used to capture this waste during production. The water in your aquarium is always circulating through the filter, leaving all the impurities in it. You can also buy the best aquarium filter by clicking at:

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The whole screening process consists of 3 steps. There is a mechanical filtration that removes floating debris. There is also a biological filtration which maintains the biological balance in the tank and releases good bacteria which converts waste ammonia to nitrite and then to nitrate.

Freshwater aquarium filters depend on the type of aquarium you have and the type of fish. Some fish produce more waste than others and may require a more specialized freshwater aquarium filter. Choosing shouldn't be a problem once you know the different types of freshwater aquarium filters.

1. Corner Filters: They sit in a corner and are usually glued to the glass wall of the tank. You can do all three processes above. However, they require frequent maintenance, although all you need to do is replace the carbon filter.

2. Under Gravel Filter: This filter is good for those who are just starting to maintain an aquarium. They use a combination of filter and gravel mechanisms to keep your aquarium clean. However, they are not very popular due to the frequent vacuuming of gravel.

3. Power Filter: This is the most common freshwater aquarium filter. Maintenance is simple and, like all three filter processes, is preferred.

These are some of the great choices for freshwater aquarium filters. Your choice should be based on the size of the tank and how often you can clean it. Keep in mind that any filter you receive will need to be cleaned and replaced at some point.