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ALOCASIA (Impressive leaves, transparent appearance)

This tropical superstar is a real eye-catcher thanks to the spectacular leaves. And it also tells you when you've been overwatered. It's the perfect companion for green.


Alocasia, also called an elephant’s ear, has large, beautifully patterned leaves. It is a large plant that looks elegant and airy despite the fact it has smooth stems that come out of a tuber. The stems can be plain or can have tiger stripes. And the leaf can also be quite remarkable. 

One species has leaves that look like African masks. Another one has crinkled edges and one called the skeleton because it has marked leaf veins. This houseplant has a flower that looks like a spike. The magnificent foliage is the most decorative.


Image Source: Google


Alocasia, a member of the Arum family, grows in South-East Asia's tropical rainforests. It can grow up to four meters high and is very common in Borneo. There are 79 species. For 28,000 years, the plant was used as a food source around the Equator. 

The original plant has been used to breed decorative plants. They aren't edible but they are beautiful. Alocasia ruled living rooms in 1950s America, and it has a wonderful vintage vibe.


Alocasia means "the tree that rises to the heavens" and is the plant featured in both the Western and Eastern versions. It stands for seizing opportunities, even when they are risky.