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Decorate your home with items depicting Feng Shui Metal Element

We mainly use the five element systems in Feng Shui for creating balance and harmony in a space. The elements are metal, water, fire, wood, and earth. Each of the elements can be found in the natural world associated with a philosophy in the manner in which they all work together to be in a balance. Today, we are going to discuss the home decor items you can use in your home that depicts Feng Shui Metal Element.


What is the Metal Element?

The metal element is mainly clarity, simplicity, and precision. It represents integrity, joy, and righteousness. You can add the metal element into your home to bring more of these qualities into your life.


White is the colour that is used by many of us who are already living in spaces where the metal element is presented on our walls. You can invite other elements and colours to be a great canvas.

You will surely come across various shades of white. Light grey is the other great paint option if you wish to bring in the metal element. Gray complements almost any other colour as it is tranquil and soothing.

There are several wallpaper options that come in grey and white. Find a pattern including circular shapes in order to bring in the metal element through the shape. You can also look for wallpapers having metallic accents.

Wind Chimes and Bells

A great way in which you can bring the metal element into your space is by adding a metal wind chime or a bell. Activate the metal element by ringing the bell or placing the wind chimes in regions where they can be moved by wind. You want to place these elements in locations where they have room to chime or ring and will not run into another object that will dampen the sound in both cases.

Home Decor Accessories

There are various ways in which you can bring the metal element into your home with furniture and accessories. A white side table can be a stylish metal element piece. You can also select the metal chairs and coffee tables having metal legs.

Round mirrors are also a way to introduce the metal element as they can go with a lot of different decor styles. Try using a round mirror above your bed to promote unity and togetherness in a relationship.


A vase consisting of white flowers can bring in the feng shui metal element through the colour. Flowers are a great source of beauty that is associated with metals. You can place them in a white metallic vase to boost the mental energy. Simply ensure to replace them once they are wilted since the dying plants are a great source of qi.

You can find a lot of really beautiful round white planters and even metal planters that are made out of copper and brass—select plants with rounded leaves.


Check out the metallic finishes and the round shapes in order to bring in the metal element through lighting.

The globe pendants are a stylish round option and come in white and metallic colours too. Also, check out the lamps with a circular base or shade or even a round metal chandelier.