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Exceptional Ingredients For Lash Care

Eye Lashes though small are significant facial features as they act as protective curtains, and prevent the micro debris, sweat, dirt from entering the eyes. 

Other than that it is also an impactful feature of a women’s personality, that’s probably why over the year’s women have experimented with different techniques to doll them up be it mascara, lash lift, tinting, and in more recent times Eyelash Extensions. You can also purchase the best eyelash shampoo through various online sources.

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Avoid using anything that contains parabens, phthalates & ethyl alcohol & resorts to the below best ingredients that can help in your lash hair growth & make them healthier.

1. Keratin: This is a protein that helps in smoothing the cells that overlap to form the hair strands. It helps in adding volume & strength.

2. Castor oil: This magic oil helps in thickening your lashes & stimulates lash growth.

3. Biotin: This is a B vitamin that helps in improving hair health by straightening Keratin.

Effective Nutritional diet for Eyelashes:

1. Vitamin B-3 known as niacin helps you get rid of brittle & dry eyelashes and boosts eyelash growth improves blood flow in hair follicles. Some natural sources are peanuts, mushrooms, etc. 

2. Vitamin C helps repair follicle damage & enhances collagen production; is included in foods like tomatoes, cranberries, etc.

Whether you choose lash extensions or not, your eyelashes like the rest of your body deserve utmost care & love. Shower your lashes with all the love by giving them a salon visit.