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Guide to Asbestos Exposure and Tips to Prevent Yourself

Newcastle asbestos removal

Have you heard of asbestos before? You probably did, and most times, you heard it concerning work environments. Although a major one, that’s not the only source of catching the infection. Let’s dig a bit deeper and know how you can prevent the risk of contamination.

What is Asbestos?

It refers to a mineral fibre in a thin, needle-like shape that comes from soil and rocks. Available in six variants, asbestos is heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, electrical resistant, flexible, and soft. While these characteristics make this mineral an ideal component for construction materials, these make it equally hazardous.

Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos fibres are pretty tiny for being visible to a human eye. Besides, you can’t even taste or smell them, so you won’t know even after being exposed to them. Your body traps asbestos fibres, leading to health issues over time. Starting with inflammation and scarring, you can develop genetic damage and cause hard-to-recover diseases. However, if you are exposed to those fibres once or twice, it might not lead to such fatal results. But prolonged exposure can lead to asbestos accumulation and irreversible damage.

Protecting from Asbestos Exposure

Of course, avoiding exposure is the best way. But that won’t be possible if you are involved in a high-risk job. However, you can follow other tips to prevent (or at least minimize) infection. To avoid exposure:

  • Use plastic sheet sealing for areas under renovation
  • Deploy HEPA filters
  • Use masks, gloves, and disposable coveralls when handling debris
  • Using an air conditioner at work

And you can get help from professionals dealing with asbestos removal in Newcastle for effective detection, removal, and treatment.