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How A Fleet Dash Camera Will Help You?

After an accident, the key people involved can examine footage from the dash cam to identify the person responsible. This might sound trivial however, determining the root cause of the accident can be an extremely time-consuming and difficult process even for experts with years of experience.

According to the old saying, the image can be worth 1000 words, and dash cams give a full-documented independent, and objective account of a crash or another incident. Without the footage dash, cams offer fleets could depend on contradicting claims of those who were involved in an incident. Fleet dashboard cameras reduce doubt and can even aid businesses in determining if there are any contributing factors that need to be dealt with at an organizational level.

Unsafe driving habits including speeding or following too closely, difficult braking, and driving while distracted or fatigued driving – are the primary cause of road collisions. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of car accidents can be traced back to unsafe driving behavior.

Telematics devices are able to gather a lot of information that is useful on behalf of a company, such as the following:

  • A vehicle's speed car.

  • The position of a vehicle.

  • The patterns of movement of the vehicle.

  • The most common causes of this are extreme acceleration, aggressive brakes, and unsteady turning.

  • Distracted driving accidents (e.g. use of smartphones).

  • Diagnostics information related to the efficiency of fuel and vehicle performance.