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How Permanent Is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is growing in its popularity. And that's not so strange since the average woman spends hours a week in front of a mirror putting on makeup. What a waste of time! Wouldn't it be much easier if your makeup was permanent? 

But how permanent is permanent makeup? This article will show some of the factors that influence the 'permanents' of makeup. You can know more about permanent makeup via

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Tattooing is similar to permanent cosmetics, yet it is also extremely distinct. The ink, or pigment, used in this therapy does not penetrate as far into your skin as it does in a tattoo. It will be inserted under the top skin with a very fine needle.

That's why a permanent makeup treatment is not so bad as getting a tattoo done. But that is also the reason why this 'cosmetic tattooing' is not so permanent as the name would suggest.

Because permanent makeup is applied just beneath the skin's top layer, lengthy exposure to intense sunshine (UV) might cause your finely formed brows to fade over time.

Luckily many permanent make-up salons offer you 'touch ups' where you can make an appointment to redo your eyebrows, lips, or other make-up wishes. 

Last but not least: the equipment used for putting on for example a permanent lip liner can differ per salon. Make sure that you go to the salon that has the right papers.