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How To Do A Perfect Lash Lift

A normal lash lift starter kit contains 30 sachets of solution and a permanent wave neutralizer. The curling applicator brush is made of a silicone rod (4 sizes), metal lash removal tool, remove & lash adhesive. You will also need some cotton swabs and a small bowl of warm water.

Choosing the right rod size is the most important step in lifting lashes. To get perfect curls, the lashes should cover two-thirds of the stick. You can also look for the best eyelash perming tools online.

It is much easier to perform this treatment successfully if you have the right tools:

Using collagen eye pads comes in handy when lifting as they fully protect your lower lashes and allow you to work on a clean surface.

Always lift lashes straight over the stick. Don't try to brush or burn your lashes on the outside. If done correctly, the outer lashes will naturally come off and stick out. If done incorrectly, the outer lashes can become deformed.

Apply the lash lifting solution. Never apply the solution to the tip of the lashes. The solution should be applied with a brush in the middle of the lash length. This creates a perfect "lift," not a "curl." In general, the ideal working time is 8 minutes. Asian lash removal takes less time, usually about 5 minutes.

For removing the lifting solution, clean the solution gently with a damp cotton swab with an upward motion. Hold the blade gently but firmly with your fingers during this process. This also makes the process convenient for your customers.

For people taking a break from lash extensions, a lash lift is an ideal treatment as it creates the illusion that the lashes are longer and clearer.

The lashes can become very flat and straight after continuously wearing extensions and lifting lashes makes a huge difference.