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Is The Stryde Bike Right For You?

The Stryde bike has an open platform with the tablet included. This means you are free to run whatever software you would like on the tablet during the workout. That includes, but is not limited to, the Stryde app, Peloton app, YouTube, and Netflix. Some indoor cycling bikes, such as the Peloton, include a tablet that only allows for you to use their specific brand’s app solo on the tablet. The Stryde bike, however, does not allow for you to do live classes. TailHappyTV has several reviews explaining the differences and going over the various tablet setups so you can determine what is best for your unique situation.

The Stryde bike has 2 water bottle holders next the the handlebars. The handlebars and the seat adjust for your individualized riding position. The bike accommodates riders from 5’1” to 6’4”. The pedals on the Stryde come with toe cage style on one side, and SPD clip-in options on the other side. There are wheels on the front of the bike that allow for you to more easily move the machine around your home, as it weighs 125 pounds. The max user weight is 350 pounds. The back of the bike has 2 weight holders near the saddle for on and off bike workouts. The Stryde bike screen is 22” and includes bluetooth speaker connectivity. More information and a full Stryde bike is available from the TailHappyTV website or YouTube channel.