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Italian Black Truffles Salt

The most succulent, mouthwatering taste of all truffle flavors makes black truffle salt by far the most highly coveted type of truffle. Made of a generous, heaving amount of Italian black truffle salt and a small amount of sea salt, this salty treat elevates plain, simple dishes to gastronomic stunner masterpieces. Its delectable power even makes everyday meals fancy enough for a fancy dinner. Who could ever imagine eating a plate of spaghetti with truffle dressing? Or enjoying a bed of salad with a dollop of truffle? It's impossible.

These succulent, melt in your mouth treats are created when ground black truffle salt is heated to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the butter and emollients in the ingredients to meld together to create a dense, syrupy texture and rich flavor. In addition to its delectable taste, the high heat allows the flavors to meld together even more thoroughly, as well as producing a higher volume of oils from the truffles. This leads to a greater density of the crystals, which gives the salt more texture and body.

For the ultimate truffle flavor, strain out the liquid from the truffle oil, and discard the seeds. You can strain olive oil and lemon juice separately or combine the two. You can also strain olive oil and water if you'd like a smoother consistency in the salt. To make a bridal shower gift, you can purchase a large container of this delicious salty treat and fill each container with an appropriate number of the bride's favorite candy.

Another great way to enjoy this luxurious flavor is to make it into a bridal shaker. This is particularly easy if you've bought your bridal shower favors at a store that offers organic and natural wedding gifts. If you've purchased them already and are looking for a great way to incorporate this earthy flavor, consider melting some nuts or chocolate chips and using this as a base for the flavor you want to create. Then you can use the earthiness of the chocolate to give the truffle accents you want on the shakers. Not only will you have created a unique gift, but you'll have used one of the most earthy flavors on the market.

If you'd like a unique way to enjoy truffle season, consider adding some to a homemade bridal shower gift. Using your imagination, you can come up with many ways to incorporate this earthy flavor into gifts such as flower leis or candles. You can even find a recipe online and print it out for an eco-friendly touch. Although it is not technically considered an "eers", a black truffle sea salt shaker is sure to please everyone at the shower.

For something very different, consider sprinkling some over some granola bars or other flatbread. This will bring out the earthy flavor without being overpowering. It will also help with the texture of the bread, which tends to be a bit crunchy. This earthy flavor paired with some mild bread flavored with fresh berries will be a huge hit at any casual get-together. You can also keep these items fresh on ice in Tupperware containers by placing them in a plastic zip-lock bag and placing the bag in the freezer prior to serving.

Truffles are an ideal addition to any Italian herb garden. When mixed with rosemary, thyme, and oregano, they produce a delightful and flavorful treat that just about everyone will love. Italian herb gardeners will also enjoy the unique way black summer sea salt helps to season their Italian vegetables. They can easily add this salty taste to tomatoes, sausages, sausage, chicken breasts, and fish with great results. Most herb gardeners will turn their noses up on the traditional Italian seasoning, but with these easy-to-use and versatile additions you can transform your ordinary Italian food into an amazing treat, everyone will love.

Buying authentic Italian black truffle salt will ensure that you get the real thing, rather than fake black salt that could actually have harmful chemicals added. Many of the salts being made in Italy are handmade and carry a much higher standard than the mass-produced varieties. This means you can be confident in your purchase as it will be authentic and absolutely fresh. If you're looking for a way to add that special something to your dishes, consider trying Italian black truffle salt!