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Learning Management System And Its Benefits In E-Learning

A Learning Management System(LMS) is an application that helps the user to publish self-paced courses in online catalogs. 

LMS consultation provides technical leadership in support of the school's learning management system. This position is responsible for the design, development, implementation, delivery, and maintenance of resources used for instructional functions.

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There are various characteristics of LMS that include:

1. Display of scores and transcripts of learners.

2. Management of courses, users, roles, instructors, and generating the reports.

3. Messaging and notifications by the learners.

4. Making a course calendar.

The Learning Management System aims at making the e-learning process a simple, better, faster, and cheaper process without sacrificing the quality of the process and using modern technology. 

The LMS is used at various places such as colleges, schools, training centers, tuition classes, institutes, universities, corporate, hospitals, etc.

LMS is beneficial to its users for the following reasons:

1. The new and old employees can now easily be trained in a short duration of time.

2. It provides immediate access to training.

3. The delivery cost for each course is highly reduced.

4. Training for a new product is delivered on time.

One can use multimedia to make the study material more attractive and interesting. Lively course features like videos, audio material like podcasts, and other tools are simple ways to obtain and maintain learners' attention and interest.