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Most Important Cancer Screening Tests in Kenya

Many cancer screening tests are available to help detect certain types of cancer before symptoms appear. 

Modern medical research has made significant progress in the development of screening tests that can pinpoint cancer cells early enough to allow treatment to begin.

However, there are three cancer screening tests in Kenya that every person should go through regularly are as follows 

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Colorectal screening: Both men and women can have colorectal screening. If you are between the ages of 50 and 65, this screening should be done every year unless there is a medical reason. 

Screening for cervical cancer: If caught early, screening for cervical cancer can have a high rate of cure. If the disease is developing, women who have their annual PAP smears will be more alert. It is possible to cure the disease if caught early.

Breast cancer screening: Mammography is a very important part of breast cancer screening. If any lumps are detected, a biopsy is also performed. A greater chance of total cure is achieved if this type of cancer is detected earlier. After the age of 50, women should have an annual mammogram.

These three screening exams have been shown to be the most effective in determining patient survival rates. These exams should be part of your routine physical to ensure that you have the best chance of beating cancer if you are given a positive diagnosis.