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Portable Water Filters – Only Use the Best

Many people who have been having concerns about the purity of their drinking water don't realize that they have one of nature's best filtration systems right outside their doors. At best, manual filtration will only remove suspended particles from your water, although a combination of boiling and filtration can efficiently take out the harmful substances. The Crazy Cap provide you the best portable water filter, you can also buy this via online.

While the fact that boiling can eliminate contaminants from water is widely known, most of us never think about the power of the sun must effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. The basic process is to expose the water to the sun for a certain period of time; However, there are a few more methods than that.

Start with clean and colorless bottles. Colored glass won't let the sunshine shine and clear glass or plastic will. You will want to have a few bottles available because the process is time consuming. It will also be more effective if you use a smaller bottle. 

Increasingly water, the fewer the sun will be able to penetrate to eliminate pathogens. If the bottle you use is plastic, make sure they are made of polyethylene tereftalate (pet) instead of just ordinary plastic. Plastic pets are more stable at higher temperatures and will not be soft or fragile when exposed to sunlight for a long time.