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Reprogram Your Voice To Be Effective in Business

As the famous American song says, "Make someone happy and you will be happy too!" Happiness is conveyed in the sound of your speaking voice and it is amazing how quickly that sound affects someone else. Your happy sound can give the momentary gift of hope and it is a powerful way to communicate confidence and inspire others to be confident.

It was previously written that neuroscientists have established that 95% of our behavior is subconscious and habitual and that 5% of our behavior is consciously determined. If you would like to find out more about speech analytics contact us here.

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The good news is that we can use that 5% to change our subconscious programming and the sound of your voice is a powerful tool for effecting that reprogramming both in ourselves and in others.

Speech melody is the ability to change pitch either higher or lower in order to emphasize the words you feel are important and to create a melody to your speaking voice that is pleasant, engaging, inspiring, and motivating.

A simple phrase we say all the time "Hello! How are you?" Try going from a low pitch to a high pitch in the word "hello" to more easily engage your listener. Then start on a low pitch for the word "how" and a little higher for the word "are" and a little higher for the word "you".