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Diagnosis And Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is defined by the development of malignant tumors within those glandular tissue of breast. Today many women are fighting with breast cancer. More than two million women have been diagnosed with breast cancer. With early detection and appropriate treatment of spontaneous nipple discharge and breast cancer , the outlook for women can be positive.

It is not known why some women get breast cancer, while others don't. 75% of breast cancers are found in women who are 50 or more. The most prominent risk elements include genetics or family history estrogen exposure as well as demographic factors (age and ethnicity, race or socioeconomic position) along with lifestyle, nutrition as well as smoking.

The signs of breast cancer aren't noticeable in the beginning, however, as the cancer progresses it can trigger changes that women must be on the lookout for. The most frequent indication is a swelling or lump in the breast. However, lumps can also be seen on the breast or beneath the arm. 

Other indications could be unproven breast pain, an abnormal discharge from the nipple or changes in the breast's texture or in the skin surrounding the breast. You can visit breast surgeons for screening to detect cancer in its earliest stage where surgery and medical treatment can be most effective in reducing mortality.