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Buying Weed in DC Legally – A Short Guide

how to buy weed in DC legally

Buckle up for an exciting, yet bumpy ride through the oddest weed laws in the entire U.S. Yes, D.C. again sets the bar high in being the one who colors outside of the lines. 

Considering how D.C. is laid out, and how the cities government has control of most of the city, but the feds still control a good portion of the area. Therein lies the problem with Initiative 71. 

The great part is the creativity of pro-cannabis Americans quickly found the major loopholes in this strange legal maneuvering by the city of D.C.

Here's what they did while passing Initiative 71.

It's now legal for anyone 21 or older can possess up to 2 ounces of weed in the city of D.C., but not on federal property. There's no get out of jail free card with the feds. Make sure you know who owns or controls the property you are on at all times.

It's illegal to sell or buy weed in D.C. Sounds a bit crazy. So how do you buy weed in D.C. if it's illegal to buy or sell it?

The short answer is you don't. 

You find a gifting store or pop-up event and purchase other products. These fellow cannabis users become very grateful and give you some of their fine buds as a parting gift.

The creativity and resolve to keep the movement alive and growing are inspiring at the least.  Sound like they may have used similar laws and creativity as seen in Barcelona, or other European states.

Be careful and make sure you learn the finer details of what you have to deal with to remain legal in D.C. and you can have a wonderful cannabis experience. Shortcut your research and you could end up disappointed.

They have guides on weed laws for every state, and in the anomaly known as Washington D.C. 

I used one from Urban Aroma on how to buy D.C. weed legally and had a great experience, but there are many others out there. It's always best to do your due diligence when dealing with legal matters. 

If you've never attempted to acquire weed in D.C. before, or are visiting D.C. and want some nice, relaxing buds, learn the laws and you can have a glorious time in D.C.