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Diversity – Inclusion Will Improve Your Organization’s Bottom Line

In the past year, the US population exceeded 300 million people. The combination of a rapidly changing demographic and long-awaited retired baby boomers makes it necessary to include them in the workplace.

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It is important to understand that diversity is defined in terms of similarities and differences. Too often you have narrowed down the definitions of diversity such as race and gender. The varieties themselves are much wider than you will ever know.

Progressive leaders in companies and institutions take the initiative to work constructively with their executives to incorporate inclusion into their plans. In other words, by connecting the dots between a strategic business plan and a diversity plan, they amplify their activity.

The success of professional integration rests directly on the shoulders of management. When management understands that their business depends on job inclusion, they will ensure that they receive diversity training together with their employees and all employees. Leader's influence is key in this process.

Companies and institutions need to review their strategic business plans and ensure that diversity objectives and plans are included. This is as important as gain and loss. Why? People of color will play a key role in future business decisions due to demographics and / or changing workplaces.

Who is on the board of directors and / or management? If participation in the organization is included and management remains the same, review is required. The board and / or management must reflect employees, employees, and society.