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Glaucoma – What to Expect in a Visual Field Test

Visual field testing is done for quite a few different reasons but many frequently to test or manage patients who have glaucoma. So exactly what is this test your eye-doctor would like one to possess? 

The first testing method is known as a tangent screen that's a shameful square of material hanging on the wall. The Goldmann Bowl Perimeter was next and it was a manual variation somewhat enjoying the automated devices your eye physician employs now. You can consult Dr. D’orio Eyecare Associates if you are looking for the best glaucoma optometrist in Toronto.

glaucoma optometrist in Toronto.

Your sensitivity to light on the retina (the light-sensitive coating lining the inside of the attention) resembles a topographical map of a hill. The very sensitive point is in the center just like the highpoint on a mountain and also the further you go away from the fundamental sight point the less sensitive the veins would be always to light (such as the lower elevations on a topographical map). 

The fundamental high point corresponds to the macula, and that's the reason why macular degeneration simply has to compromise a tiny area to have devastating impacts on vision.

A visual field evaluation measures the eye's sensitivity out into the peripheral parts of the retina. Most eye exams just examine the small middle peak of the mountain. The visual field test measures not only the peripheral retina but for a point the pathway of these eye nerves throughout the brain.