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Absence Management Policies And Procedures

Each company has different policies and procedures for managing absenteeism. Regardless of the rules and regulations in the policy, they must be properly communicated to employees on their first day working at your company. Whatever business you decide to start, it must be honest, consistent, and respond to unforeseen circumstances that could cause employees to lose their jobs. Whether it's something unimportant, like a broken-down car, or something as basic as a medical diagnosis, everything needs to be outlined in politics.

To ensure that the vacation regime is as complete as possible, several possible reasons for the employee's absence from work should be listed. You can also install absence management software that is available in the market from several companies such as Schedule leave to manage absenteeism in your organization. Some cases where an employee may need to be absent are:

Absence Management

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  • Short term sick leave
  • Long term medical leave in connection with surgery, injury, or basic medical diagnosis
  • Leave for parent or guardian
  • Saturday
  • Maternity leave
  • Time for a break

The policy should specify who the employee should notify the person in their absence and how and when. Employees must also be included in absenteeism records, measurements, and records, as well as any actions that occur upon returning to work after an extended period of time. This may include interviews, discussions, or follow-ups about how to make up for lost work or assignments and participate in projects that started while he was away. 

If applicable, the policy must also include payment details for the missed business day. It describes how many sick days or personal days an employee can take before they are no longer entitled to paid vacation. If absenteeism is an ongoing issue for employees, the policy should also include details of any disciplinary action.