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Video Game Addiction Awareness

Video game addiction is the excessive or compulsive use of video and computer games which interferes with one's private and professional life. Video game addiction is yet not formally recorded as a mental disorder from the mental health professional's handbook i.e.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). But it's off the record documented as a disease. To know about how to manage your gaming addiction read this article.

The remarkable increase in Video gaming has brought with it a line of problematic behavior in Someone

Video game addiction consciousness:

The game starts with a reasonable conclusion, but it gradually increases to surplus as it becomes intriguing and persuasive to gamers.

Online games require you to a dream world that provides you with instant gratification.

Exposure to video games causes aggression and this exposure correlates with aggression in real life.

Sustained bad games over prolonged periods is deemed similar to the addictive behavior experienced in addictive drugs.

Dr. Richard Gallagher stated " Getting highly involved with video games can enhance addicting, and parents need to be cautious about how many hours children play," Following are some important points through which you can quickly determine whether he is addicted to video game or not:

Video game addiction in children:

They spend most of their spare time on pc video games

They fall asleep in school

Academic problem

They begin lying about video game usage, so computer privileges are not removed from them.

They have no time for family and friends