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Make The Right Selection For Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can be used to add color and atmosphere to any place be it a kitchen, bath, pool, or even a play area for kids. There are many options in the market from which one can make a choice. The marble tiles are made of marble of various colors. Just like the gypsum and cement tiles, marble is not used widely. This is because they are porous and accumulate moisture behind them which causes them to come to lose. You can also look for small-scale tiles for tighter areas.

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Also, there is a misconception that marble is costly therefore meant for the rich and affluent. Marble tiles are bold and add elegance to the surroundings. The designs are masculine such as irregular lines which add a feel of durability and stature to the place. Marble is nonporous and very smooth therefore the allergens do not get trapped in the tile thereby preventing irritation and disease.

Glass wall tiles come in different shapes colors and varieties. They come as clear glass bricks, others with pieces of colored glass embedded in them, while others are suffused with all imaginable colors and made iridescent. Glass wall tiles can have a smooth or matte finish; therefore they can add a translucent grace and shimmer to space.

Another innovation in glass tiles is the use of bubble glass and frosted glass. Frosted glass is popularly used to create partitions and private spaces while sharing the light. The bubble glass tiles add privacy due to the partition yet add an element of character and design in the space.