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The Facebook Messenger Bot

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a small piece of code designed to utilize A.I. (artificially intelligent) so as to communicate with other users on Facebook. In other words, a bot is a program that is automatically programmed to carry out repetitive, semi-nude, semi-relevant commands. Facebook bots are able to formulate an intelligent response and know exactly what they're being asked. This is the same basic idea behind Facebook's complex social network system which is also known as "The Social Graph".

Facebook Messenger Bot is not only useful for chatting with friends and family; it is also used for several experimental purposes. Facebook uses Messenger Bots to research and test new features and changes to the Facebook application. This way Facebook can provide early access to new and exciting applications before everyone else has the chance to experience them. In turn, Facebook can gain valuable insight into what their users are really looking for, and what they do not.

There are two distinct types of Facebook Messenger Bot, namely, the desktop bot and the web/approach bot. The desktop bot collects chat conversations on a user's computer while the web/approach bot collects chat conversations on a user's web browser while browsing the internet. Both types of Facebook Messenger Bot are conversational. With a web bot, users have the ability to talk to other Facebook users just like they would in real life. This includes having conversations in groups, chat rooms, and threaded conversations. And with a desktop bot, users are able to converse in whatever form they choose such as through group chat, threaded conversations, and individual conversation windows.

The difference between desktop and web/approach bot is quite clear-cut when we look at the task of marketing. The desktop bot primarily functions to deliver messages from other Facebook users. It does this by searching through the entire timeline of Facebook and pasting messages based on relevance to the user. This means that one message could be for a new friend, a group chat, or an announcement about a product.

However, with Manychat, the bot has the ability to both search and send messages in the form of many. Manychat offers several ways to interact with other members including posting messages, sending messages, commenting on others' messages, and viewing others' messages. All of these interactions can be done from the comfort of a computer screen. Furthermore, Manychat is already an established and heavily used form of email marketing.

As previously mentioned, the task of a Facebook Messenger Bot is to deliver messages based on relevance to a user. In order to do this effectively, the bot needs to understand the language used in a conversational setting such as conversation groups. For example, groups such as friendship, singles, and family are highly relevant and are highly targeted audiences. Using Facebook's many messaging bots, messages sent from the Bot will be highly targeted and relevant.

In addition to these highly relevant groups, Manychat allows the Bot to search other relevant groups by inputting a keyword or term into a search box. Therefore, a large volume of relevant groups can be quickly filtered and delivered to the Bot. As previously mentioned, the Facebook Messenger Bot is part of a marketing strategy for Facebook. Facebook plans to integrate Manychat within its advertising platform due to the low cost per click.

The success of this type of software-designed bot relies on the Bot's ability to understand and communicate the ways of humans when conversing in a social media environment. As discussed previously, Manychat is highly relevant and highly targeted. This makes it easy for Facebook to deliver relevant ads based on conversations. The fact that these conversational Bots will run independently of Facebook means that this new feature offers Facebook an excellent opportunity to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market.