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Tips to Improve Your 3D Exterior Rendering Techniques

Technology is constantly evolving. Before the advent of 3D technology, manual renderings and hand drawings were common. The competition in architecture has increased dramatically due to a series of developments in VR and animation. Clients and customers demand 3D exterior rendering services that look exactly like an image taken with a high-end DSLR.

This checklist will help you ensure perfect 3D exterior renders.

The Sun's Position

To make the project draft more real, the exact location of the sun in 3D exterior rendering is important. This stage is crucial. No matter how great your renderings maybe, if the sun is in an unsuitable position for your design, it will ruin your efforts. You can bring realism to your project by choosing the best spot for the sun.

3d exterior rendering services

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Shadow Positions

It won't be enough to simply position the sun in the correct place. Everything must be aligned according to the sun's light, and the shadows they create. You should ensure that the shadows created for objects outside are attractive for exterior renders. Shadows can be added to exterior renders.

Add a sky

It can be difficult to place the sky correctly unless you are an experienced architect. Your clouds shouldn't look like cartoons. They should blend well with all exterior objects. It will look unnatural if it is too dramatic. If your client asks you to make the scene dramatic, keep it simple and light-colored with clear skies.