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Toyota Land Cruiser – The Australian Legend Car

The huge Toyota Land Cruiser has earned a renowned reputation as a formidable off-road vehicle. It was first introduced to Australia in the year 1958 in the year that Leslie Theiss brought 13 FJ25 Landcruisers for use in the Snow Mountain. 

It was equipped with strong engines and a robust drivetrain The Jeep BJ was able to perform well in harsh conditions, and was very adept on highways, making it a flexible vehicle. In the beginning, Toyota sent engineers to research and correct the issues these Landcruisers had in the beginning Australia. 

toyota landcruiser ute, single cab 79 series

Toyota Land Cruisers became used extensively by resource firms and in the bush. Today, they are a major player throughout the bush. Within the Northern Territory alone, they nearly make up 60% of total SUV sales there. The Landcruiser's amazing off-road capabilities, massive towing capacity, and legendary Toyota reliability make it the market leader in Australia. 

Despite its small share in Toyota production in Australia, it is the model with the highest level of loyalty among the Toyota models, which is evident by the amount of purchases owners who own Landcruisers repeatedly make. The popularity of the Landcruiser in Australia is definitely an integral part of Toyota's history of success. When the Landcruiser first arrived in Australia at the time, the company was relatively new and the reaction to the vehicle from people was one of Toyotas' most successful export sales at the time.