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What Are Tests Required For Medical Products Packaging?

It is important to follow packaging laws surrounding medical devices and equipment to reduce the spread of disease and prevent infection from using unsterilized instruments. This is the number one reason to test medical device packaging.

The FDA has set standards for companies that package consumables for medical or surgical treatment. Many of these instruments and devices are placed inside the body, which is why the law on intensive sterile packaging applies to safety. Without strict standards, many people will suffer from serious and even fatal infections.

Bubble emission tests, peel and crack tests, and dye penetration tests are some of the stringent tests that remove certain packaging materials to ensure safety when moving from one location to another. You can know more about bubble emission tests by browsing through

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Many drug companies rely on this type of test to prevent spoilage and contamination of many prescription drugs. In fact, some of these drug packages have to be resistant to those who try to do something harmful to them.

There are many areas of product testing when it comes to packaging materials used by healthcare professionals at all levels. Some may require a time test to see how long a particular shipment can last on the shelf before needing to be used. Some companies also do rigorous testing of actual packages. 

Another important area included in laboratories performing these different types of tests is distribution simulation tests. The goal is to ensure that the external transport material is strong enough to withstand the stresses and strains of shipping from one place to another before it finally arrives at its destination and arrives sterile and intact.