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What Are The Best Tips For Using A Pizza Stone?

If you are using a pizza stone for best results, be sure to place it in a conventional oven and heat it when it is still inside the oven to keep it from shattering.

Once you are all set to cook, cover the paddle of pizza with rice flour or cornmeal to avoid sticking and lay it or other items over the top. You can choose the variety of all natural acacia wood pizza peel online whenever required.

Slide pizza from paddle to the stone and wait for it to bake. Once done, leave it in the oven or remove it once it is cooled down. Here's how to use your pizza stone.

The top rack is the best location in the center for baking cookies and pizzas. The middle rack is the better option for biscuits, bread, and other items.

To avoid thermal shock, put cold pizza only in cold stone. Be sure not to expose the stone to quick temperature shifts.

Placing frozen pizza may shatter the pizza stone just like it can shatter cold stone by placing it in a hot oven. So, it's better to cook frozen pizza on the rack. If required, you may preheat the oven with it.

Placing food items on stone with a pizza paddle – Don't oil or grease the pizza stone. To ease in removal, you may add some cornmeal for pizza crust and bread. To get familiar with it, it may need a bit of finessing, especially when it comes to slide raw pizza dough on the stone.

Metal peels, short-handled, and long-handled wooden peels are three types of peels. A short-handled peel works well for a person who wishes to cook at home.