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What Does Marijuana Delivery Service Mean?

Marijuana delivery service refers to any number of companies or individuals that are involved in the distribution of cannabis by way of delivery. This could be either mail-order delivery or hand delivery.

The products ordered through a marijuana delivery facility are (primarily) legally obtained for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Each marijuana delivery service is as unique as any other individual business. They operate based on the laws of the municipality they are located in and cover whatever geographic area and operating hours that either they set for themselves or as dictated by local or state laws.

The cannabis industry, at least its legitimate incarnation, is young and growing. As such, there are still many legal challenges and loopholes that legislators and business interests will be navigating for probably the first quarter of the 21st century or even beyond.

As of 2017, 18 US states and the capital allow for the existence of marijuana delivery services. Each state sets limits on who is eligible to both sell and receive deliveries of cannabis and what forms of cannabis may be delivered.

Marijuana delivery service is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to order marijuana products remotely and have them delivered directly to you. These services are legally available with no restrictions to users who are 21 years or older in California, Nevada, and Oregon.