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When to get the water heater replaced by Edmonton plumbing and heating services

It is never fun to run out of hot water due to the fact that your hot water heater needs a replacement. Your water heater is used on a daily basis, and regular use means that you eventually end up needing a new one, as with most of your appliances. The general lifespan for a hot water heater is about 8-12 years which is why you can expect to deal with a replacement once every decade. Professional checks and maintenance with the help of Edmonton plumbing and heating can help to increase the durability of your water heater.

No one likes dirty dishes or a cold shower as you wish to replace the water heater before it stops working completely. Waiting for a long time can lead to massive issues like leakage that can result in expensive water damages.

There are a few things that you can watch out for to ensure that they are not the reasons for any concern between your professional maintenance appointments. The following are a few signs that it is time for the installation of a water heater:

Rust and Corrosion around the Water Heater

Check out your water heater tank occasionally for any signs of corrosion or rust that may have built up over the years. These are the two areas that have to be inspected on a careful note around the pressure and temperature relief valves, along with the outlet and inlet connections. The areas are specifically prone to the build-up of corrosion and rust.

You need to ask your technician at your next regular maintenance appointment as they should be able to show you if you do not know the way to locate these areas. Keep these areas clean and maintained well, allowing your unit to last longer, helping you in delaying hot water heater replacement.

The other thing to watch for this is the rust-colored water that comes out of the hot water heater. It mainly means that the interior of the tank is rusting. This kind of damage will eventually lead to leakage as it is a sign you should be considering a replacement sooner.

Cold or Lukewarm Water

A clear indication for a water heater replacement is when you are cranking up the faucets in your shower and feel cold or lukewarm water pouring out. It generally appears that there is an issue when your water does not really get warm or hot at all costs, more than just a delay in feeling that warm water starts to come out. It is a strong indicator that you need to consider the installation of a water heater in most cases.

Pooling Around the Water Heater

You should be walking around the unit and looking for any kind of pooling water while you are inspecting your unit. For any troubles, you can call in the professionals from Edmonton plumbing and heating. There can be a potential leak or a crack within your hot water tank if you notice a bit of moisture. It can cause the tank to leak, which may appear like it is the time for a complete water heater replacement.