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Why Choose Wool Carpeting For Your Home?

The right carpet for your office or home is an important decision as you need carpets that look nice and last an extended time. Wool is the best fiber for weaving and tufted carpets as it can meet the demanding requirements of the buyer effortlessly. It is extremely comfortable and warm. wool is, despite what you believe, among the coolest fibers on the market. 

It is soft, yet durable and is able to endure the most severe treatment and bounce back. In some countries such as America wool-based carpeting can be considered as a luxury item, and only wealthy homes contain wool carpeting since man-made fibers are cheaper to make. Modern wool carpets purchased from have always reigned supreme because of their aesthetics and long-lasting value.

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Wool carpets are more expensive in the initial stages of installation but, over time, the wool carpet will be able to prove to be durable and that is superior to other forms of carpeting. There is no fiber rug that man-made is able to rival wool's exquisite texture and look.

Wool is a sought-after natural fiber, some salespeople might tell you about the natural oils of the fiber that make it stain-resistant and self-washing, well, unfortunately, this isn't accurate. But, there are no natural oils of the wool that are left after it has been processed for manufacturing. Wool has numerous advantages over synthetic fibers.

Non-allergenic, which could be an important factor for those who suffer from allergies or have children suffering from asthma. It is not a catalyst for the growth of dust mites, or bacteria, and does not emit toxic emissions, like the man-made carpet fibres.