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Politics Does Not Have To Be A Dirty Game

Many countries, developed or underdeveloped, have strived to solve the problem of electoral malpractices for decades, but with minimal success. The situation has been coupled with advances in technology where computer hackers can manipulate the sound engine and get easy access to information critical voters. 

Unfortunately, the cyber wizard uses this information to influence the election results. To reply to an unfair defeat, some legislators were forced to take the law into their own hands by getting involved in political violence or civil disobedience. 

Although some freedom fighters have managed to topple the dictatorial regimes through the barrel of a gun, murder and violence should not be used as a bargaining tool in the political negotiations in the future. 

When legal violations, women and innocent children are the ones who bear the brunt of insecurity. Apparently, those who resort to atrocities after their defeat show that they are interested in serving their people; their propensity for cruelty shows that their ambition to serve their constituents are driven by the self-interest of their personal and political interests. 

  1. Keep Moving

If you play by the rules but lost unfairly, it means that you still enjoy the goodwill of your voters, so it is important that you consolidate that support to stay engaged with staff and your political agents. It is also important that you acknowledge their contribution to your success.

  1. Know your Constitutional Rights

It is your constitutional right to take your case to a court of law if you feel that you have been treated unfairly and you disputed election results. Using the legal system does some good things for you and your country: fraud reminds politicians of their responsibilities to their constituents; exposed corruption; a landmark case in which the court cases the future can be said and decided to be made and put defensive fraudulent election officials, then their unbeaten demystification.

  1. Do not go to Bush

A world-weary of war. political violence and civil disobedience results of nothing but more deaths and bloodshed. With advances in technology, unmanned aircraft operated by remote control thousands of miles away can hunt down insurgents and bring them to book.

  1. One Leader at a Time

Regardless of how one wins the election, it is important that we give him a chance to do its work and waited our turn. If you lose harassed after their questionable defeat, the proof will be more clear: the winners are politically confused, temperamentally unfit and dangerous qualified to lead.