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Choosing The Right Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Whether you are remodeling an existing commercial kitchen or setting up one in a brand-new restaurant, understanding kitchen equipment – especially commercial kitchen hoods – is an important decision. You can also look for the best exhaust hoods for commercial kitchens in Australia through various online sources.

As we discussed on the blog, a commercial kitchen hood is the starting point of a commercial kitchen ventilation system. This is because you have to be careful with the type of cooking your kitchen will do.

Here's why:

Fire Suppression

If your cooking utensils produce smoke and oil, your range hood must be equipped with a fire extinguishing system. This allows your restaurant to comply with all building codes and fire regulations.

Removal of smoke, heat, and grease

For the health and safety of your kitchen staff, you always want to remove smoke quickly in commercial kitchens. In addition, if not removed properly, the smoke eventually wanders into the restaurant's dining room and drives away potential customers.

As with smoking, removing heat from your kitchen is important to ensure the health and safety of employees. Working in a very hot kitchen can cause many health problems. Most importantly, the removal of grease prevents kitchen fires. This is also a major concern on cleanliness as grease is not removed properly as it can settle on kitchen surfaces and require extra time for staff to clean it.

Odor control

The last thing you want as a restaurant manager or owner is the smell of food spreading throughout the restaurant. Commercial reach hoods ventilate the area and remove suspicious odors from kitchens and restaurants.