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Difference Between Folding Blade And Fixed Blade Knives

When talking about knives, a general picture of a single body sharp weapon comes to mind. But, there are various different types of knives available and each made specifically for a special purpose. If you are looking for the case folding hunting knives visit

The two types mentioned here i.e. the fixed blade and the folding blade, do serve a common purpose but still different in their abilities. Below mentioned are key specifics where the two knives hold their respective position.

Fixed Blade Knives

The most common type which finds its way into daily use is the fixed blade. Fixed blade knives are durable and they do serve their purpose well. 

They are actually built with a single piece of stainless steel including the handle which is responsible for the strength factor. The fixed blade makes the best hunting knife when it comes to rugged factors and ease of use in those situations. 

Folding Blade Knives

Folding blade types are the best when it comes to usage in small tasks. The fact that it is small, with only half the area of the similar blade length fixed knife, makes it convenient to carry around. The fixed blade knives have a great durability factor, compact / folding knives may not be entirely trusted on their durability.


As mentioned earlier, each type has its own set of pros and cons. While the folding knife is best selected when the conditions demand durability, ease of use, etc. 

The folding knives should be a choice in situations that demand basic knife usage with minimal strength. In hunting expeditions, knives have a lot of variety of usage starting from cutting small twigs to even self-defense.