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Do You Need to Hire a Verbatim Court Reporter for a Federal Case?

There is no time to wait for transcripts to be submitted for your next case. There are too many witnesses and you need to be able to react quickly and on your own – there’s no choice but to use real-time court reporting. If you are searching for the best real-time verbatim court reporting services, then visit

A stream of live testimonials sent straight to your laptop gives you the freedom to control your case, but how much trust do you have in the person who created the text?

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A National Verbatim Court Reporter Can Benefit Your Federal Case

Many court reporters carry certification from the NCRA, or National Court Reporter’s Association. However, with the growing trend of real-time, voice-to-text court transcription, many reporters choose to pursue certification by the National Association of Verbatim Reporters (NVRA). The NVRA addresses quality and professional standards, particularly for word-to-word court reports, and ensures that members do their best to testify in court.

In addition to complying with the law and the NVRA code of conduct, reporters are also responsible for providing timely transcripts; maintaining accuracy and compliance with all laws, statutes, and regulations; keeping current with continuing education and training in maintaining professional competence, and providing information about new and changing professional regulations. So, they are experts in their field.