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Most Common Tiling Mistakes From Novice Tilers

Whether you want to replace the floor decoration or the surface of the wall, tiles are often the go-to solution because they increase household prospects. It is important, however, to use a professional tiling service in Perth to get quality work done. Unfortunately, some people choose to use beginners tilers to save money for labour. However, it can backfire big time.

Let's look at the most common errors that tend to be done by beginners.

1. Using an inappropriate adhesive

Every adhesive has a specific purpose and novice tile installers often overlook this detail. Using an incorrect adhesive reduces tile life and so does using adhesives in the wrong proportions. Applying extra tile glue to the corners can result in breaking or crumbling of tiles as well. Understanding the use of each adhesive will simplify the task for beginner tilers.

For bathrooms, sinks and moist rooms, waterproof tile adhesives are a must. The flexible adhesive is more suitable for the surface that experiences movement. Depending on your needs, there is a heat-resistant tile adhesive, fast, and ready to use. It also varies based on tiles such as ceramics, granite and so on.

2. Uneven or hasty grouting

Beginner tilers often have little or no patience. There is a sense of urgency and they want to finish everything quickly. But this doesn't help when it comes to grouting. Gout fills a gap and stops dirt and dust from getting between tiles. For this reason, a one-day break is very important between their tile and grouting settings.