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Learn How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Quickly And Easily

There are many makeup artists who claim that applying lashes during the day is proof of bad taste, while others say that lashes can be used in any situation, as long as you use the right one.

First and foremost advice is to decide what style you want and when and where to wear your makeup. When using lashes for a night out at a club, take it longer and think about lashes. You can also click at gladgirl to buy fake eyelashes online.

If they have a special design or shape, all the better. On the other hand, if you wear lashes for a day at the office, business meetings, and even an afternoon cocktail, then you need lashes of medium size or less.

Choose the right color. We recommend that you always choose natural colors during the day, eyelash colors for non-standard parties. When using false lashes for classy events, always use black.

A real woman knows that you can't put new makeup on a dirty face, let alone the makeup from the day before. This way, you should clean your face, especially the area around your eyes, with a cotton ball and a little moisturizer. Applying lashes is much easier on clean skin.

Many makeup enthusiasts make the big mistake of applying lashes first, then foundation and other makeup products. Never forget that applying lashes should be the last step in the makeup process. First, apply foundation, then apply blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and then apply lashes.

It is highly recommended to use mascara after applying lashes as it blends fake and natural lashes and gives a fresh and open look. In addition, mascara creates the illusion that the lashes are longer and curled.

The cute shop assistant also advised me to practice the application process several times before attending the party to get used to how to apply lashes and the amount of glue needed.