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Understand The Making Of Your Car Exhaust System

The exhaust system is a series of pipes and devices that run under your car. Its primary function is to ensure that internal combustion gases are safely directed outside the car with less harmful emissions and sounds. 

You are putting your car and the occupants at risk if the exhaust system is not working properly. To understand how the different sections of your exhaust system work together, you must be familiar with them. You can also try SS commodore UTE from for your car’s performance.

Exhaust Manifold

The manifold that attaches directly to the engine block is the one. This could be a single pipe or a group of pipes that provide the gas road to the exhaust system. This can be made from aluminum, iron, or steel.

Catalytic Converter

The exhaust manifold is where the harmful gases are released from the engine. This part of the exhaust is very important and is responsible for cleaning the gases that pass through it by using chemical reactions. 

To ensure that the gases are less dangerous and better for the environment, they are converted into water and carbon dioxide. Catalytic converters cannot function without heat. Before the chemical reaction can take place, it must wait for the right temperature to be reached.


Some cars have mufflers visible from behind. This is the place where the exhaust tip is located. This is essential to reduce the noise from the exhaust system. The muffler has many compartments and different materials to absorb the noise. The sound will be louder if the muffler has holes.