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What Is Multipro Tailgate splitgate override switch

The design problem with GM's new 6-way multipro tailgate and the multi-flex tailgate is that the center door tilts downwards at a 90-degree angle, making it truly come in contact with the ball hitch, resulting in damaging the paint and denting the tailgate. 

This issue is well known among truck owners. You can also look for the best splitgate override switch through various online sources.

Luckily, this issue is solved with the Splitgate Override Switch! With the possibility of two choices, the  Manual Engage and Auto Engage versions provide the enjoyment of not worrying about accidentally dropping the tailgate! 

After installation, the switch detects possible faults and automatically disconnects the power supply to the step function in the middle of the door.

The Auto Engage and Manual Engage recognizes that a hitch is in the receiver dropping the possibility of potential destruction. 

With the help of Splitgate Override Switch, there is no need to eliminate your hitch! It is easy to install with step-by-step guidance for Auto Engage and Manual Engage versions.

The switch offers the best of both worlds with the ability to turn off the power automatically or manually.

Stop worrying if your family or friends picks up your truck for fear of accidentally lowering the tailgate and causing damage! 

And yes with the Manual Engage version, you can still display a decorative receiver cover that represents your favorite sports team!

This switch automatically protects this famous GMC 6-Way Multipro tailgate and eliminates ALL RISK and DANGER.