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What Is The Cause Of Dry Eyes

The cause of dry eyes could result from a variety of environmental factors such as aging, contact lenses as well as some eye health issues. If you notice an eye problem it is recommended to consult your doctor if you've no idea the reason for this. 

It could be that you require special eye drops or another method of dealing with the issue. If it's an environmental issue it could be necessary to alter the way you approach certain things. You can consult a dehydrated eye expert to treat your eyes.

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The environmental conditions can lead to dry eyes. If you are out in sunlight without sunglasses or any other type of protection for your eyes then you could dry out your cornea. That causes dry eyes. The wind can cause dust as well as other debris to fly through your eye, thereby wearing eye protection is necessary. 

The heat generated by the hairdryer and being in front of a blower and driving with the window open may cause dry eye conditions. Be conscious of your surroundings to keep your eyes safe from getting dry and becoming sensitive. This can cause itching that can cause scratches to the inside of the eye.

Another cause of dry eyes is the aging process. In certain adults aging, the tear ducts in the eyes decrease or stop producing tears which can cause dry eyes. This condition must be treated by a physician. 

Optometrists will conduct dry eye tests to assess the severity of your problem. It is possible that you will need to apply drops that are medicated specifically in order to maintain your eyes humid. It is a common practice throughout the rest of your life.