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Luxury Watches – What You Need to Know

Luxury watches are an item everyone desires to have. They represent class and prestige, and timeless fashion sense. There are many brands available, with a variety of prices and styles to fit your needs and budget.

The watch case contains all the parts. Some cases are made from stainless steel. Other materials, such as plastic, can be cheaper than gold or platinum. The watch's inner materials are protected by the case back. It must be taken out to change the batteries or make repairs.

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Here's a quick guide for watch maintenance.

To ensure your timepiece is in good condition, clean and service it every two years. Quartz watches, too, should be cleaned. They are susceptible to small particles which can cause damage. All batteries and seals should be replaced at the time of maintenance. 

Rust is the enemy of small watches. After it has been exposed to salt water, rinse it under running water. Your water-resistant watch should not be exposed to heat or pressure. 

High heat such as hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, and baths can cause damage to your water-resistant watch. If moisture is found in the watch, get it serviced immediately.

Even though diving watches are water-resistant, they still require regular servicing. Protect leather bands from the elements and perfumes, particularly saltwater.