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Strategically Locating Warehousing and Distribution Within Canada

When a business expands within the country or as a new entrant into Canada, warehouse planning and distribution are vital. 

Many growing small businesses seek out third party attainment in Toronto. To most efficiently serve the Canadian market population, locating within what's known as the Golden Horseshoe is oftentimes the best choice. 

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Tapping a "Best" Mid-Sized City to Access Big Canadian Markets

Within the Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) lies Burlington, Ontario. Once again, it was named Best Canadian Mid-Sized City in Canada by MoneySense Magazine. 

Third-Party Warehousing Partnerships – Flexible Warehousing and Distribution

Location is an important factor, and so is thinking strategically about leasing and operating fulfillment operations versus outsourcing them. 

For a business expanding into Canada's largest market – whether from the US or other parts of Canada – the latter option can make much more sense. Why?

  1. 3PL's have staff already in place that does this for other clients, thus the experience curve and associated costs are eliminated

  2. Eliminates staffing issues and brings accountability for performance directly to partner management

  3. Leveraging technology for fulfillment processes

  4. Piggybacking on established courier and freight discounts that may be at least partially passed along by the 3PL

In sum, accessing the largest consumer market in Ontario can make sense without paying exorbitant fees by establishing a high-cost, high-effort operation within Toronto. 

Look to outlying cities within Ontario's Golden Horseshoe and find a partner that can scale up as you grow business – efficiently and cost-effectively.